(Pocket-lint) - Of all domestic gadgetry, it seems that the humble vacuum cleaner is a hotbed of design innovation. We've seen these domestic necessaries move from a boring upright or cylinder cleaners into eye-catching design pieces.

The Vax AirRevolve, however, has just excelled itself. It's taken the concept of a cylinder vacuum cleaner and given it a makeover, resulting in an innovative and funky design that we couldn't help sharing with you.


The concept is simple, stripping away the normal wheels or coasters and integrating them on the end of the cylinder instead. This means that it moves around with fluidity behind you as you clean.

You can have the cylinder horizontal, rolling around as you move, or you can stand it upright so it stays still. If it topples over as you move it doesn't matter: it's then rolling on its wheels.

The duality of the design means you can, for example, put it on the stairs as you're cleaning, rather than having to rely on a ridiculously long hose. The cylinder nips in at the waist especially so it will be stable on the stairs. Or you can just carry it, because it's not too heavy.


Vax has put the controls right under your fingers too, with the power and beater bar buttons on the handle, so you can easily switch when moving from carpets to hard floor. The handle will extend and split in two, so if you want it really short, that's no problem. 

We found it Vax AirRevolve surprisingly fluid as it rolled behind us and when it comes to emptying, it's really easy to pop-out the canister.


Unlike many of Vax's other 2015 products, this isn't cordless. But there is a power winder, so once you've finished, you hit the button and it's ready to stow away.

The funky Vax AirRevolve is available for around £299.

Writing by Chris Hall.