Some things at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas just can't help but grab our attention. And the Winbot is one such piece of tech - because it can wander up and down vertical surfaces while cleaning windows. If only it whistled a tune.

We're not really ones for cleaning, so the fact there's a robot that can do that puts a smile on our faces. But one that can work its way up vertical surfaces? It's head spinning stuff.

Mesmerised by this little bot, we watched it clean the same piece of glass and continue to detect the edges so as not to fall off. And, surprisingly, it's not particularly noisy - we thought it would blurt out the noise in order to adhere itself to the surface, but that's not the case.

And far from black magic, Winbot uses two suction rings to stick to the glass. If the outer ring senses any loss of suction then clever bot will retreat the other way. We hope it can't go across ceilings, though, as with a 2kg weight if there was a powercut a flying Winbot might not be so much fun.

Oh CES, how we love your wonderful techie charms.