(Pocket-lint) - There are some who can be forgiven for thinking that the Black & Decker Gyro Driver (BDCS36G) is just another powered screwdriver, and a fat-handled one at that. However, they would be wrong. Yes, it's a screwdriver. Yes, it's powered. And yes, it does have a fat handle. But it's in no way "just another" device. There's plenty of tech in them thar hills.

The clue is in the Gyro part of the name. Many powered screwdrivers feature a switch that turns them on or off and a gear to determine which way to rotate. The Gyro Driver has all of that fuctionality on board, but drives it using something borrowed from smartphone or joypad technology.


It basically uses tilt-like gyroscopic tech that works much like the accelerometer in a smartphone. When you press the massive button on the base and twist your wrist the Gyro Driver spins the screwbit in the same direction. And the more you twist it round, the faster the bit goes.

For example, turn your hand left and the bit will rotate anti-clockwise; right, clockwise.


There's also an LED light just above the bit to allow you to peer at screws in dark or depressed places. And you get a collection of different heads to choose from - some long some short - so the Gyro Driver should come in handy for all manner of household chores. We would have liked a greater variety of heads, including some specific to computer maintenance, but doubt we'd need any more for whatever DIY shenanigans we might get up to.

The Black & Decker Gyro Driver comes with a 3.6v lithium ion rechargeable battery and power adapter. It's capable of running up to 18 hours on one charge and the grip of the device is nicely finished in rubber to avoid slipping in the palm.

We could see a fair few of these appearing in dads' stockings for Christmas. And a few mums' too.

It is available now for £39.99 in B&Q stores nationwide.

Writing by Rik Henderson.