(Pocket-lint) - Mobile network operator Vodafone has announced its entry into the Internet of Things sector with its own "V by Vodafone" platform and four IoT connected products to go with it.

The V by Vodafone platform and products are available now in the UK, Spain, Germany and Italy, with another 28 countries in Europe getting support soon.

Vodafone currently has four products available: V-Auto; a dongle that plugs into the OBD port on most cars built since 2002 that provides an emergency call function to the emergency services if you're in an accident, acts as a GPS location tracker so you can find your car if you lose it and a safety score feature that gives you feedback for every drive.

V-Camera is a mobile security camera that provides continuous recording wherever there is a 3G or 4G network, V-Pet is a location and activity tracker for cats and dogs. The tracker can send notifications to your smartphone if it goes outside a designated area and it can be used to monitor sleeping patterns. Finally, V-Bag is a location tracker that attaches to your bag that can also send a notification if it goes outside a designated area.

Each V by Vodafone product requires a dedicated V-Sim by Vodafone SIM card to connect to the network and each can be easily added to your account via the companion smartphone app.


Each new product can be added to your account by scanning the QR code on the box and the app can then provide an overview of all products connected in your system.

Individual monthly fees will be payable for each product connected to your account. Pricing is as follows:

Pricing for each product is added to a single monthly bill and Vodafone has said it will offer new products throughout 2018. The current range can be purchased from Vodafone stores, or the dedicated V by Vodafone website.

Vodafone Group Chief Executive, Vittorio Colao, said: "V by Vodafone" makes it simple to connect a wide range of IoT-enabled devices, helping customers keep everyone and everything that matters to them safe and secure. We look forward to applying our world-leading expertise in IoT to help consumers make the most of the next phase of the global digital revolution."

Writing by Max Langridge.