(Pocket-lint) - Virgin Media is doubling the speeds of several of its best-selling broadband packages, and it's not charging a penny extra for the privilege.

This is for new customers only, sadly, but does mean that, for £29 a month you can get up to 108Mbps on a Vivid 100 plan as part of the Player bundle. That price was originally for up to 54Mbps.

It also includes a talk weekends fixed phone line deal and Virgin TV V6 box with access to over 70 channels.

A Mix bundle now includes a Vivid 200 broadband package, with speeds of up to 213Mbps for £45 a month.

You also get the talk weekends fixed phone line and a V6 Box with access to over 150 channels.

Finally, for £55 a month you now get the same Vivid 200 broadband package with speeds of up to 213Mbps, plus the fixed phone line deal, but get a V6 box and access to over 230 TV channels, including BT Sport and top Sky channels in HD.

A £20 activation fee will apply to all packages.

Virgin Media's quoted maximum speeds are based on its average peak time broadband speed (between 8pm and 10pm).

All deals come into effect for new customers from Friday 1 June. They are all on 12-month contracts.

Writing by Rik Henderson.