Virgin Media has announced that it is upping its top level broadband speeds to 350Mbps.

It will roll out ultrafast broadband services capable of speeds of up to 350Mbps from spring. Around 15 million UK households now have the infrastructure to receive the fastest broadband service from the company and some might have noticed the boost in recent times.

"Our top speed has increased fifteen times over the past decade – up from what now seems a ludicrously slow 20Mpbs in 2007, to a blindingly fast 300Mpbs today – and soon things are going to get even faster," said Virgin Media's executive director for connectivity, Anthony Vollmer.

"In the spring we’re planning to start rolling out ultrafast broadband services of up to 350Mbps."

The company calls its upgrade programme Project Lightning, which has been underway for the last two years. Virgin Media has, in that time, been updating and improving its network to gigabit-capable standards. Finally, customers are now set to benefit.

We're not sure yet whether existing 300Mbps customers will automatically get an upgrade or whether the 350Mbps service will be at a further premium, but will bring you more when we find out.

We will also report on the price of the highest-end broadband package when we know more.

Business customers have already been enjoying speeds of up to 350Mbps. The business package of Voom Fibre offers up to 350Mbps download speeds and up to 20Mbps upload speeds, depending on the price plan chosen.