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(Pocket-lint) - Tesla is making a change to the way that its home energy products are offered, with Elon Musk announcing on Twitter that Solar Panels and Solar Roof are going to be bundled up with Powerwall.

The products have been available separately in the US for some time, with Solar Panels designed to be fitted to an existing roof, while Solar Roof could be used in place of the actual roof tiles.

Both of those products are focused on generating electricity from light and feeding that into your house. For many people, that can be used to power the home, topping up from the grid when solar supply is limited and in some cases, selling the excess power to the grid.

Powerwall is Tesla's energy storage solution which is designed to solve another problem, allowing storage of energy in the home.

In an ideal world, solar would be used to charge the battery, so that when the supply dips, you can run off the battery rather than the grip - but some have used Powerwall to harvest off-peak energy or to provide backup if there's a power outage, without solar.

The new packages appear to address tighter integration, with Tesla supplying both halves of the equation, but it does potentially cut down on options for buyers. There might be some who don't want the battery, or can't justify the cost of both halves of the package.

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Of course, it's likely that some people were sourcing panels from elsewhere to pair with a Tesla Powerwall, or sourcing a domestic power storage battery from elsewhere to use with Tesla solar.

That, it seems, will no longer be possible. Musk makes the case saying installation will be really easy with these two parts working in harmony.

Writing by Chris Hall.