Tesla is set to launch a brand new product later today at its 30 April event. Invites are out for what is expected to be the launch of a home battery that will change the way you think about power.

Until now all we've seen from Tesla is an invite showing a white object and lots of talk about a new type of battery. The Guardian managed to leak plenty of details on what we can expect.

Essentially Tesla is expected to launch a huge battery that will live in your home. This will allow people to be less reliant on grid power, in some cases moving away from it entirely.

The battery is thought to be charged by natural, clean energy like solar and wind. Having these setup on your home right now often means only having access to the power when there is sun and if you get excess it goes back to the grid. By saving all the energy in your own battery you can live without paying anyone else.

Tesla is expected to operate a rental system on the battery where a person pays $1,500 up front then $15 per month for the next 10 years before then returning it. Over that period of time it sounds cheaper than traditional power, but of course you'll need a solar panel system too.

Check back soon to hear the announcement with more details from Tesla on its ground-breaking battery.

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