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(Pocket-lint) - Tesla head honcho Elon Musk announced on twitter that he'd be unveiling new products at a 30 April event. It appears these will be next generation batteries.

Jeff Evanson, Tesla investor relations, says we can expect to see a pair of new batteries unveiled on the day. Specifically he says: "We will introduce the Tesla home battery and a very large utility scale battery. We will explain the advantages of our solutions and why past battery options were not compelling."

Tesla has already talked about introducing a home battery system and it sounds like the second utility battery will be similar but for businesses.

What exactly these batteries will do remains to be revealed. But it is thought they will essentially allow a home owner to go off the grid with power. That means if you've got a solar panel setup at home, rather than feeding any excess juice back into the grid you'll be able to store it to use later, theoretically. Potentially this could mean getting off grid power reliance all together.

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Perhaps this battery will also automatically charge Tesla cars. In December, Musk claimed Tesla was working on a robotic charging system that automatically plugs into its electric cars and apparently moves and looks like a "solid metal snake". Musk didn't specify if it would be limited to Supercharging stations or your house, nor did he provide a release date, but the charger will work with all existing and future Model S cars.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 22 April 2015.