Shrove Tuesday might be the chance to eat all the bad stuff in your cupboard before you go on the religious health kick that is lent, but it's also a damn fine excuse to toss up some pancakes. Are you prepared for the culinary adventure that awaits you in your kitchen? Here are five gadgets that will help you impress when it comes to making the perfect pancakes.

Salter Add and Weigh Jug Scale, £19.99

A good pancake is all about the batter and making sure you have the ingredients measured out properly. Lazy cooks who don't have a partner to take on washing up duties could opt for this jug and scales rolled into one offering from Salter. All you've got to do is make sure you read the big dial at the bottom.

Waring Waterfall Blender, £145

If you're going to have good pancakes this year you've got to make sure your ingredients are well mixed. In steps a blender. Yes I know you probably like that balloon whisk action, but the Waring Blender model available at John Lewis has been blending stuff since the 1930's. Featuring a simple design that has the all important glass jug (there is just one switch), you can whisk that batter into a frothy lather in seconds saving your arm action for other things - like tossing those pancakes.

Tala Pancake Maker,£6.99

If your tossing action isn't yet up to scratch, this frying pan from Robert Dyas might just be for you. Why? Well because it is actually two frying pans in one so all you have to do is turn it over and carry on cooking. Genius. Of course it will take away that showmanship of flipping pancakes, but at least you're guaranteed to end up with pancakes on your plate not the ceiling.

Tefal fryingpan

If you're not really into gadgets but just want a decent non-stick frying pan, you'll want a Tefal frying pan with its new and improved non-stick surface released just in time for those pancake flipping moments. Coming in a range of sizes to accommodate the biggest of pancakes, Tefal says that the non-stick surface is so good you won't need oil, oh and you'll also get their Thermo-Spot heat indicator that ensures the pan is at the correct temperature to start cooking your pancake.

Remida Manual Citrus Juicer Midnight Blue, £249.99

Are you a chocolate and banana kind of pancake eater? Personally I am the old school lemon and sugar kinda guy. If you are too then why not blow the budget on a £250 juicer from The solid cast aluminium body further reduces noise from the powerful motor that spins at an efficient 1400 rpm promising to juice any citrus fruit in seconds. According to the blurb, "the user has ultimate control of juice yield when pressing a half orange, grapefruit or lemon on the stainless steel reaming cone". Fruity.