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(Pocket-lint) - Not so hot at juggling pans like a pro? Tefal may have the answer for today's tech-driven cooks: its app-connected Cook4Me Connect pressure cooker and ActiFry Smart XL connected healthier fryer.

The idea of both is simple: download the relevant app, install it on your Apple or Android device, connect via Bluetooth and you can select from various recipes that will auto-instruct the cooking appliance.

In the case of the ActiFry Smart XL, which includes a rotating paddle to its centre to stir food in its sealed container, that will differ depending on what you're cooking. Breaded chicken nuggets won't be stirred until they're cooked for long enough to avoid breaking down the coating, for example, as we were shown at Tefal's launch demo day.

Pocket-linttefal app controlled actifry smart xl and cook4me connect to stir things up in the kitchen image 2

The ActiFry only needs one spoon of oil to cook, making it far healthier than a dredged-in-oil traditional fryer. Plus, given the app controls the timer, it will automatically switch off at the end of a cycle and keep food warm, so no risk of burning if you've had to pop to the shops for five minutes.

The Cook4Me Connect pressure cooker, which is Tefal's first connected cooker, is a more interactive experience. Again, recipes can be selected via the app, but the approach is more stage driven: the screen on the appliance's front will instruct with what to do next, mirrored on the app device too. If you're not so hot at getting everything perfect then this step-by-step approach all in the one pan will ensure spot-on results.

No app? No worries. Both appliances will work with simple button inputs if you simply want to set the time, temperature and get cooking without a connection.

Each appliance will retail for £300 each when they go on sale via Amazon and Currys. Get cooking.

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Writing by Mike Lowe.