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(Pocket-lint) - Tefal has announced a new version of its popular Actifry kitchen appliance that's more suited to smaller portions and offers a smaller footprint. The Tefal Actifry Mini is ideal for people with less space in their kitchens, either because the room is smaller or they've already filled most worktops with numerous gadgets and gizmos.

The Tefal Actifry range is a low fat fryer, only needing a spoonful of oil to make enough chips for two. That ensures the additional fat content is 3 per cent - considerably lower than a traditional deep fat fryer.

tefal actifry mini launched for smaller kitchens 21 per cent more compact 25 per cent faster image 2

The Actifry Mini is 21 per cent more compact than the Actifry 1kg. It measures 270 x 390mm, but still offers capacity for up to 600g. Tefal also claims that, because it features improved airflow aerodynamics, it is 25 per cent faster than other models, taking 20 minutes to work its food frying magic.

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As well as chips, the Actifry range can also be used to cook curries, stir-fries, chicken, sausages and more. They don't require pre-heating, shaking, stirring or mixing.

The Actifry Mini also comes with a dedicated recipe book with suggestions for meals. It is available from John Lewis now for £169.95, both in store and online. You can find out more at www.tefalactifry.co.uk.

Writing by Rik Henderson.