Do you like beans on your toast, what about a fried egg, or maybe boiled egg and soldiers? Good news gadget lovers: Tefal has you covered with the Toast N Bean, a toaster with a built-in compartment that lets you heat up some baked beans at the same time.

Following on from last years Toast N Egg, the new Toast N Bean toaster costs £44.99 and will cook half a tin of baked beans at the same time, making sure both are ready to be gobbled down without too much washing up.

The Toast N Bean has a two-slot toaster, which is wide enough to cook muffins, toast or bagels, and a toast-lift facility so you can get your bread out without needing to go pot-holing with a knife.

The toaster also has a variable browning control option and a warming tray that allows users to heat pre-cooked meats or perhaps even dead pizza from the night before.

And if you are wondering about cleaning it, it is basically a cup that sits on the side of the toaster stealing the heat. When you are done the whole "baked beans bit" can go in the dishwasher. 

It's available to buy now in the UK.