Everyone likes chips - without exception - which is why the Tefal Actifry is such a great invention, as you can now enjoy your favourite food without fear of clogging up your arteries - not too much anyway.

The Tefal Actifry comes in two sizes and Amazon is offering up the 1kg capacity model for £127. This on first glance may seem a little dear for a device that specialises in cooking chips - and indeed it would be - however the Tefal Actifry will also deal with most other foods you can throw into it, so it should get a fair amount of use should you decide to invest.

We haven't tried it on Mars bars yet, so be sure to let us know your results.

We also gave it the full pocket-lint review treatment, and it came out smelling of roses, describing it as a "genuinely innovative kitchen gadget that works like a charm".

If you fancy taking a look you can take a look at the review here, and then head over to the Amazon website via this handy link.