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(Pocket-lint) - Several new features are rolling out to the Tado mobile app that improve existing smart home products.

This includes a new child lock feature for Tado Smart Radiator Thermostats, quick actions to control rooms in unison, and the ability to view heating activity in previous periods.

In addition, the smart heating firm has launched a new stand to mount a Tado Smart Thermostat or Wireless Temperatur Sensor on, so it sits nicely on a shelf or worktop.

The new child lock feature will ignore any manual changes made to Smart Radiator Thermostats when activated. This ensures small children cannot turn a radiator up to a dangerously high heat by accident, for example.

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It also makes sure your heating settings are maintained no matter how interested in the tech your children might be.

Quick action is being rolled out over the next few weeks, and helps you control more than one room automatically, rather than have to set each individually.

"From the moment they are installed, our products continuously improve over time,” said the co-founder of Tado, Christian Deilmann.

Two-way conversations with our users are so important for us. Their feedback gives us a valuable understanding of which features and solutions are in demand, helping us to further improve the customer experience.”

Further improvements will be added to the system throughout 2021.

Writing by Rik Henderson.