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(Pocket-lint) - Tado has announced a software update for its smart heating system that will make it more intelligent than ever. Tado says the new software, which is rolling out from today, makes the system a Smart Climate Assistant and will help you to save more money and more energy.

Tado's biggest selling point has always been its geofencing technology. It detects when the last person leaves the house and shuts down the heating system, then, when someone comes into range on their way home, the heating kicks in again.

With the new update, the geofencing radius is now completely adjustable, meaning it can be extended so the system has more time to heat the home before you get in or it can be made smaller if you're not going far and want your home to remain warm.

A new feature to arrive with the update is Open Window Detection. This does exactly as the name suggests, detects when a window in the house is open by a change in temperature or humidity. If the Tado system does detect a change, it will shut off the heating so as not to waste any energy.

A new repair and services feature will be added to Tado systems in the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the Autumn, that can give you immediate help from an engineer if something goes wrong with the system. The companion app can be used to contact an engineer, get a quote for a new system or book a time slot for a repairman to come and fix any issues.

Another of Tado's clever features is weather adaptation. The system can check the weather forecast and adjust the heating accordingly, for example, if it's going to be a hot day, Tado will keep the heating to a minimum so your home can benefit from natural sunlight to heat the home instead.

With the software update, Tado will now issue a visual climate report to show when the system has decided to keep energy costs down because of the weather.

The companion app can also now give you an Energy Savings Report, detailing just how much energy and money you save each month thanks to the Tado system, and all three major smart home assistants: Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant are now all compatible with the system.

Tado CEO Toon Bouten said of the update: "Tado becomes the Smart Climate Assistant that works for users in the background. You open the window, Tado takes care. You leave the house, Tado takes care. The sun is shining, Tado takes care. It is an all-round carefree package for the climate at home that now even offers voice control."

The Smart Climate Assistant software update is rolling out from today, so make sure you update the Tado app to the latest version to reap the energy-saving benefits.

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Writing by Max Langridge.