Smart heating company Tado has announced it is teaming up with Amazon Echo to offer voice-controlled heating to its users in the UK, Germany and Austria. 

The collaboration comes after Amazon finally announced that Amazon Echo, and a refreshed Amazon Echo Dot would be coming to Europe and the UK in Autumn. Amazon Echo is a speaker that doubles up as a voice assistant and responds to the wake word "Alexa". The Echo Dot is a smaller version of the Echo that loses the speaker element and acts as a little, always-on Alexa hub.

Tado is already an Amazon Echo partner in the US, allowing users to set, increase or decrease their home temperature with Tado by asking Alexa to do it for them.

The partnership is now extending to the UK, Germany and Austria, meaning Tado users in those countries, with Amazon Echo, will be able to say "Alexa, set (living room) temperature to 22 degrees" or "Alexa, increase (bedroom) temperature by three degrees", for example. It will allow for quicker and easier control, as well as hands-free.

Tado is a smart heating system that automatically adjusts the temperature within your home based on your location. It uses your smartphone's location to automatically turn the heating down when the last person leaves home and it will also turn the heating up when it recognises someone is on their way home. Tado will also takes into account the weather and your building characteristics.

For the Alexa voice-control to work room-by-room, Tado users will need to have the Smart Radiator Thermostats that were launched at the beginning of the September 2016. They were announced alongside the third-generation of Smart Thermostat, which is also compatible with Apple'S HomeKit and IFTTT.

Amazon's Echo will be available in the UK from Autumn for £149. The third-generation of Tado products are available in two Starter Kits, both of which can be rented for less than £6 per month.

The Tado Smart Thermostat v3 Starter Kit includes the Smart Thermostat and internet bridge and costs £199 to buy outright, while the Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Kit that includes two Smart Radiator Thermostat and the bridge costs £179. Additional Smart Radiator Thermostats, priced at £59, and Smart Thermostats can be added to a Starter Kit