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(Pocket-lint) - You may have heard a fair bit about smart thermostats but what's it like living with one? In today's hectic, fast paced environment, the value of your time, comfort and convenience can never be underestimated.

One thing you shouldn't need to worry about is your heating. tado° users know this already, they don't need to concern themselves with thoughts such as whether or not they left their heating on when they went to work as tado° automatically lowers the temperature when no one is home. They don't need to fiddle around with archaic programmable timers when full control is available at the touch of their fingertips via their smartphones.

It's tado°'s philosophy to make your life easier through smart automation and greater control of your heating, with the added bonus of saving you energy.

Defining your preferences

Setting your schedule goes hand in hand with smart automation and geolocation. With tado° you can set a weekly schedule, a weekday and weekend schedule or an individual daily schedule. Your schedule determines your sleep, morning, afternoon and evening temperatures. In fact, you can set as many time blocks as you wish, in that you can define certain temperatures for certain times of day.

Your personalised schedule then works in collaboration with automated geolocation, which means when no one is home tado° will automatically override your scheduled settings and turn the heating down to save you money. Accordingly, when the first person begins to head back the tado° Smart Thermostat will begin pre-heating your home to whatever temperature your schedule has defined for that particular time of day.

Morning 7am

Your alarm rings and you wake up to a warm bedroom and home. tado° gets to know your home's unique building characteristics so it knows how long it takes to heat things up and how to do it in the most energy efficient way. You've set your schedule the way you like it so that it's a nice and warm 22°C when you're getting ready for work and having breakfast.

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Work 9am to 6pm

After you and your partner leave home for work tado° automatically turns the heating down as it detects, through your phone's location, that no one is home. Your scheduled temperature during this time is 20°C, so if one of you heads back earlier than planned, tado° will know to pre-heat your house or apartment to this setting. No matter what your day looks like or how random or spontaneous it is, tado° will always ensure you come back to a warm home while saving when you're away.

Evening 6 to 11pm

You prefer your evening temperature a little cooler than the morning so tado° heats your home to 21°C. Later after dinner, you decide to watch a movie on the sofa, so you boost the temperature a couple of degrees via your smartphone for exactly the same period of time as the movie runs - a popular and easy to use feature on the tado° app.

If you have tado° Additional Smart Thermostats you will have full multi-zone control of your home's rooms. So if coming home late you can set your schedule so that only a particular room or rooms will be triggered via geolocation to heat up. Hot water control works in the same way, you can schedule it just like your heating, while utilising tado°'s geolocation feature.

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At night you set your temperature to run at 16°C as you like a cool sleeping temperature. On Friday evening you will stay at your parents house for the night, but no need to worry about your schedule or heating system as tado° guarantees that no heating is wasted when no one is at home.

Full control

With tado° you can control your heating via your Apple, Android or Windows smartphone, a tablet or a computer as well a directly on the device itself, just like your old thermostat. This gives you full control no matter whether you're in bed, on the sofa, at work or on holiday.

Your personal assistant

Whether you control your home as one zone or want individual control over multiple rooms tado° will take care of this for you, making it easier to change the temperatures and settings manually or with effortless automation.

Think of tado° as your personal assistant that knows what you want and gets it done without asking too many questions. This functionality ethos is also reflected in its minimalist aesthetic design. The device itself blends into the ambience of your home with a subtle LED matrix touch-capacitive screen that doesn't demand your attention.

The home of today and the future need not be full of flashing gizmos shouting for your attention, rather technology can seamlessly blend into the background of your home so you don't even notice it's there, while still enjoying its full benefits.

For more information visit: www.tado.com

About tado°

Headquartered in Munich, tado°, the European market leader in intelligent home climate control solutions, was founded in 2011. With its Smart Thermostat and Smart AC Control, tado° revolutionises the way energy is consumed at home. Through the use of a geo-aware app, tado° automatically adjusts the temperature based on the residents' locations, enabling households to save up to 31 per cent on energy costs while reaching a higher level of comfort.