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(Pocket-lint) - Tado has partnered up with AT&T and Telefonica’s O2 in the UK to make its connected system even smarter.

Tado will now not only automatically turn on your heating when you are headed home but also do things like turn on the lights, disable the alarm system, or call the elevator: "This means everything can be ready for when you are heading home - all done seamlessly in the background, "explained Tado.

Tado wants to take make heating simpler and less wasteful. Its system can be retrofitted to your current thermostat setup, with the idea being it acts as an assistant to manage the controls for you.

It allows you to manually control everything via a smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android systems for now), but where Tado differs in its approach is by monitoring and tracking your device's location. That's what makes it intelligent: it knows when you have left the house and when you are on your way back based on your phone's location.

The system will automatically help you save energy by turning the heating off when you leave the house, and back on not just when you come back through the door but in advance when you are on your way home.

Tado also uses a technology that it calls Model Predictive Control to pull in and analyse a range of data points, such as outside temperature, weather forecast, the speed you travel home, and how fast your house heats up to calculate the best temperature for you to come home to - clever, right?

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Now, by partnering with service providers, Tado says it will be able to add exciting new features, such as the ones we mentioned earlier. You can expect this new stuff to come to market sometime in the summer if 2016.

Writing by Elyse Betters.