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(Pocket-lint) - Smart heating company Tado first launched back in 2012, delivering a system that used your smartphone's location to control your heating. It didn't have as many fancy features as the likes of Honeywell's Evohome, but it offered a solution for those that wanted a smart heating system without any hassle, for a reasonable price.

Things have come along way since the original device though, with not only with the constantly-updated Tado 2.0 arriving, but the company also announced a Smart AC control, Additional Smart Thermostat and two IFTTT channels that will launch in the next few days.

The Additional Smart Thermostat looks the same as the Tado 2.0 thermostat, and it allows users to control individual heating zones within their home, including underfloor heating. Honeywell already offers this with its Evohome system, but it does so by requiring you to purchase radiator kits that replace each thermostatic radiator valve on the respective radiators in each room.

Tado has opted for a different approach to begin with, requiring users to buy an additional smart thermostat for each zone in order to control it individually, but it is also planning to go down the radiator valve route in Q3 of 2016. The Smart Radiator Valves have been designed for homes without their own individual heating system, but they will also be able to be used as a way of creating heating zones.

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We saw a prototype of the Smart Radiator Valves at IFA 2015 and they fit in seamlessly with the rest of the Tado system. They are quite big but they have a nice, clean, white design that will allow them to blend into most decors and radiators. Although the one we saw wasn't a working prototype, we were told that users would be able to manually control each valve by turning the end to put it into each mode, but you would also be able to control them from the app on your smartphone too.

While the Smart AC Control isn't likely to appeal to many in the UK, it will make any infrared controlled air conditioning unit smart thanks to the infrared strip on the front. Tado claims this means it will work with around 85 per cent of the air conditioning units in the world, so this device will certainly be interesting for some. Like the Smart Radiator Valves, the Smart AC Control follows the same design as the rest of the Tado system, tying everything in nicely together.

The IFTTT channels mean Tado will be compatible with the If This Then That service that allows users to create what IFTTT calls recipes in order to make something happen as a consequence of something else happening. Several other smart heating systems are already compatible with the service, including Honeywell and Nest, so it is great to see Tado get on board with it.

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The two channels will consist of one for the Smart AC Control device and one for the Smart Thermostat. It will mean that the geolocation featrue used by Tado will be able to be put to more use than just controlling your home's temperature. For example, you could create a recipe that simultaneously switches off all the lights and electric home appliances, sets your alarm system and locks the front door when the last Tado user leaves home. Of course, you'll need smart plugs and locks in order to do this, but the possibilities IFTTT creates are great.

Each Tado Additional Smart Thermostat will cost £179, or £6.99 per month to rent and they will ship from November 2015. The Smart Radiator Valves will launch in Q3 of 2016, as we mentioned and the two IFTTT channels will go live in a few days.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.