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(Pocket-lint) - German company Tado has announced new remote controls for radiators and floor heaters, and it plans to showcase these zoned-heating products at this year’s IFA show in Berlin.

Zoned heating lets you heat individual rooms or floors in your house. The ability to only heat the rooms you use allows you to save money, because otherwise you'd be heating your whole house. Tado's new remote-controlled valves enable you to do zoned heating, as they replace Thermostatic Radiator Valve manual controls.

With the Smart Radiator Valves, you'll be able to intelligently control the heat in rooms separately. Meanwhile, a secondary unit, called the Zone Thermostat, will let you control underfloor heaters in rooms individually. You'll use the Tado app to issue commands. It is available for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

Tadotado has new zoned heating and ac smart controls will show them at ifa image 2

Tado also plans to show off its Smart AC control at IFA 2015. The device was funded on Kickstarter earlier this year. It's designed for warmer regions of the world and basically makes air conditioning systems smart. It, for instance, has a geolocation feature that works with the Tado app in order to detect when you're coming home.

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Tado hasn't confirmed prices for these new zoned-heating controls, but we expect to hear more at IFA.

Writing by Elyse Betters.