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(Pocket-lint) - Tado, the company behind the Smart Thermostat that controls the temperature in a home via an iPhone or Android app, has now launched its Smart AC Control system, which has the added benefit of working with existing air conditioning controllers.

If your air conditioner is remote controlled, the Smart AC Control can talk to it by infra-red, as long as it's installed in the same room as the AC control box.

Once fixed to a wall, the Tado system connects to an iPhone or Android app (Windows Phone will also be supported soon) whether you are at home or away. It gives you options to set your temperature manually, but also has multiple features to ensure a house is cool automatically.

The system can also be set to adjust to your geo-location. For example, it knows when you leave the house so will turn off the air conditioner automatically. And as soon as you approach your home it can be set to turn the AC unit on so that the house is suitably cool as you enter.

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This kind of on/off automation not only suits your own temperature needs but also saves on energy bills as the AC unit is not unnecessarily running at all times.

Tado unveiled the Smart AC Control under the name Tado Cooling during a successful Kickstarter funding project phase last summer. It made well in excess of the $150,000 (£97,000) funding target and the product is now available in the UK and worldwide, prices at £149.

You can buy it from Tado's online store at tado.com/gb.

Writing by Rik Henderson.