Tado has moved beyond the smartphone with its latest intelligent heating thermostat, the 2014 version of Tado.

Slamming the need for a "Retina display on the wall that is sometimes round", the new system will be simple to read and use. It also promises to "disappear into the wall" for when you don't want to be fussed with a physical connection to your heating system.

That disappearing act isn't physical but rather virtual due to the minimalist design. The new system features a small square control unit with LED lights that displays the current temperature.

"It means those left in the house will still be able to use the system," explained a spokesman for the company.

Tado, which launched in the UK in 2013, allows users to not only control their heating via smartphone, but also based on the users' location in relation to their house. The idea is that when users leave their home the heating will slowly turn off the further away they get.

For early adopters, Tado says there is no need to upgrade to the new system, apart from getting the new design or if you want to add a second zone (a new feature of the system).

Those who upgrade will benefit from new features, including direct control in the home, regardless of whether they are running the app. They can integrate weather forecasts into their heating, for instance, as well as multi-zone, which is similar to Honeywell's EvoHome, giving them more granular control over the heating in their house.

Tado has also promised it will offer third-party developers the chance to interact with its software in the near future.

The new Tado intelligent thermostat goes on sale in the UK in the next couple of weeks and will cost either £199 to buy outright or, for those that want to rent, £4.99 a month.

Households that do not have an existing thermostat can use the Extension Kit to set up a wireless connection to their heating system (e.g., in the basement). The Extension Kit is available as an accessory to buy for £79 or rent for £1.99 a month.

In the flesh, the new Tado thermostat looks great. It sports a very simplistic Scandinavian design with the LED lights shining through the plastic shell.