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(Pocket-lint) - Tado, pronounced Taydo, is a connected heating system that will be launching in the UK in the coming weeks promising to make your heating system intelligent and save you money in the process.

Like Nest, Honeywell, and British Gas, Tado offers a system that can be retrofitted into your current heating set-up and let you control everything via a smartphone.

Unlike the others heating systems about to come on to the market however, Tado is available from the start of November and takes a very different approach. It's slant is that it monitors and tracks your smartphone's location so it knows when you've left the house and - more importantly - when you are coming back.

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"Most heating systems are ancient," Leopold von Bismarck, the CMO of Tado explains to Pocket-lint in a interview ahead of the UK launch. "We want to go one step further than Nest. We've built a lean connected device and at the centre of it all is a cloud-based heating app that works with dozens of heating boilers."

The idea is that because it is tracking your phone it knows when you've left the house and therefore starts to turn the heating off straight away - those left in the house can either use the app as well or override the system.

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That cloud based heating focus allows Tado to do things that other heating systems don't and your current heating system couldn't even fathom.

Using something von Bismark calls "model predictive control" the system pulls in dozens of data points to calculate when you are heading home, the temperature outside, what you've asked the temperature to be inside and then gets the house ready for you by taking into account the weather forecast, speed you travel home, and how fast your house heats.

According to Tado, it is then able to create an algorithm to manage all that so the moment you step through the front door the house is as warm as you like it even though it might not have been an hour beforehand.

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"The ideal situation is that you all run the app on your phone so that when the last person leaves home the heating starts to turn off," says von Bismark. "We call it Warms winds."

The system goes on sale in the UK in the first week of November for £249, although people who don't want to buy the system outright will also be able to rent it from Tado for £6.99 a month.

Tado say users should be able to instal the system easily themselves, with the website creating customised installation flow charts based on the equipment they already have installed.

As with regular heating systems, there do seem to be some drawbacks. This is a whole-house scenario rather than individual rooms and like most current heating systems a single thermostat positioned in a central location determines what that temperature will be. But it's an interesting idea and one that could save you money - something the app is keen to point out. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.