Sony Xperia Hello is a little robot that doubles as an assistant, and people in Japan can buy it starting next month.

Sony first showed off this smart speaker device last year. It has animated eyes and a 4.55-inch LCD on its tummy, and it can respond to your voice, gestures, and facial expressions. It runs Android, can take photos, place calls through Skype, and check on your family members whether they're in the house or not. It'll also tell you the news, weather, and traffic. To wake it, just say "Hiperiaia".

That means "Hi Xperia". So, Xperia Hello is basically like an Amazon Echo, but it's cuter and can do cool things like move around on its own to mimic a living being. Unfortunately, it costs about 10 times as much as Amazon's smart speaker. According to The Wall Street Journal, it's priced around $1,300. Also, it's currently limited to Japan, with no concrete plans to expand internationally right now.

The Xperia Hello will arrive in Japan on 18 November.