Sony announced a few concepts at Mobile World Congress in March, including the Xperia Eye, Xperia Agent and the Xperia Projector. The idea behind each was revealed at the show but it wasn't possible to play with any of them or see them in action.

Things have moved on a little now though, and while there was no extra information on the Xperia Eye, Sony did talk a little more about the Xperia Agent and the Xperia Projector at consumer electronics show IFA in Berlin.

Both are still very much concepts, but the Xperia Projector was up and running on Sony's stand, showing off some of what it will be able to do whenever it eventually launches.

The idea behind the Projector is to stimulate communication through an interactive interface that is projected on a clear surface. When Sony first announced the concept, it said it would respond to touch, voice and gestures.

The Xperia Projector itself is a smallish box that looks a little like a NAS drive. It is subtle enough to blend in with most home decors and it has features a nice, premium looking finish consisting of black plastic and a metal grill. It isn't clear whether this is the final design or not, but if it is, it looks good.


Based on what we saw at the show, the Xperia Projector is able to project the interface onto a table, or a wall above it. It is compatible with Google Play so not only will you be able to do online shopping, you'll also be able to play Candy Crush on the kitchen table. Yep that's right, you can crush those sweeties, or play another one of your favourite apps from Google Play. Exciting stuff.

We played Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds on the Sony stand at IFA and it was super fun. Probably the most fun we had at the show in fact. The response time was good and the projection was clear too.

Sony has not detailed when the Xperia Projector will be released properly, but we are hoping for Mobile World Congress 2017. We will be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for more details.