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(Pocket-lint) - It's no secret by now that Sony likes to play around with lighting.

As part of its Life Space UX project, it makes connected light speakers, projectors, and all sorts of interactive light experiences. And now, thanks to a new Sony Japan site, we're learning that the company is launching a new type of connected light that can perform a serious number of functions.

Appropriately dubbed (though not exactly imaginatively) the Multifunctional Light, it uses Toshiba's LED technology to shine a full spectrum of colourful light. But that's not what makes it so intriguing. It's packed with sensors not only for luminance but also built-in motion, temperature, and humidity.

Sonysony threw everything but the kitchen sink into this smart light image 3

It even has a microSD memory slot, infrared controller, speaker, and a microphone. So, yeah. It has everything but the kitchen sink. And all that tech allows it to connect to your smartphone or any other Wi-Fi enabled device, so you can control it remotely, set it up on a timer, or let it detect you.

If the Multifunctional Light sees you enter a room, for instance, it can turn on your stereo or TV, adjust the air con or thermostat, double as a motion-detection alarm system, record and playback messages, and so much more. Just specify exactly what you want it to do through the mobile app.

This is one seriously smart saucer-shaped light fixture. But, unfortunately, it's only coming to Japan sometime during the first six months of this year. After that, however, we hope the Multifunctional Light makes it way to the UK or US (with, preferably, a better name to boot... heh).

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Pretty please, Sony!

Writing by Elyse Betters.