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(Pocket-lint) - Sonos has announced a major software upgrade coming in June that will advance the system greatly and add new features - including higher res audio capabilities and room groups.

And, while older, legacy Sonos kit will not be compatible, it has been further clarified that they will not be "bricked' nor rendered unusable. They will continue with the existing Sonos controller software.

Sonos S2 will comprise a new operating system and app. It will become the default software for all current and new Sonos equipment apart from the legacy devices that have previously been listed.

It will not support, therefore, the Sonos Bridge, Connect, Connect:Amp, CR200 wireless remote, Play:5 (Gen 1), and Zone Players.

Those will continue to work normally and be served with patches and bug fixes, but will not be compatible with the Sonos S2 system software.

Instead, owners of those devices will be able to continue to run them on the current software, which will be rebranded Sonos S1.

And, as previously confirmed, they will no longer need to be put into recycle mode and disabled in order for customers to make use of the 30 per cent off Sonos Trade Up program.

That means they will not be discontinued, as thought, but will have their own, older Sonos controller software instead.

This effectively enables users to continue to use all older Sonos gear, albeit with some restrictions.

For example, if you want to run Sonos S2 with any newer speakers, you will have to isolate them from the listed devices, or you will have to keep all of your Sonos devices on S1.

It will run perfectly fine, as now, although it won't gain any of the newer features going forward.

Alternatively, you can run your S2 supported speakers on one network, your S1 devices on another. That way you get best of both worlds, although you won't be able to synchronise audio between them.

If you don't have any legacy Sonos devices in your system, you need not do anything. The Sonos S2 app and OS will download and install automatically this June.

You don't actually have to do anything if you do have affected Sonos kit neither. The Sonos S1 controller app will continue to work as usual.

Detailed instructions on how to separate systems will be released nearer the time.


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Writing by Rik Henderson.