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(Pocket-lint) - Sonos produces tremendous multi-room speakers, wireless apart from a power cable. Easy to set up and great-sounding, they have become the speaker of choice for millions. So, when a new addition to the range is revealed, the Sonos Beam, it's worth finding out what's special about it.

Here are five reasons to choose the Sonos Beam for your home.

1. It's compact enough for a small room, with enough power to fill a big room

The Beam squeezes multiple speakers into a very small soundbar, suitable for more compact rooms or to sit under smaller TVs. But it still manages to sound much bigger than the speaker itself, with a wide soundstage. And it sounds great whether you're playing music, using it as a regular hi-fi or watching TV, where it will beat your TV's own speakers easily in quality, richness and clarity. The size makes the Beam especially versatile, offering improved audio in almost any room in the home. And the Beam is significantly less expensive than the other TV speakers in the Sonos range, the Playbar and Playbase.

2. You'll hear every word

As well as individual speakers designed to carry the sound in every direction, Sonos has taken trouble to ensure that dialogue quality is crystal-clear, so that even in an action movie where the Beam is faithfully projecting the sound effects of bullets and explosions, there is a solid, audible voice track, coming directly from the centre of the speaker. Even if the actors are mumbling, you should hear what's said!
And if you still want the voice track to be more dominant, a speech enhancement setting in the Sonos app will boost this part of the audio track further.

3. Your voice is your remote control

Because Alexa, the Amazon voice assistant, is built into the Sonos Beam, as it is in the earlier Sonos One speakers, you can simply say, "Alexa, turn up the volume" rather than searching down the sofa for that TV remote which has gone missing again. If you're playing music you can also ask Alexa to pause, play or jump to the next track, for instance. The microphones in the Beam are so cleverly placed that it can hear you even over the music or TV show you're playing. But there's also a privacy setting - you can turn the microphone off altogether with just one press of a button.

4. Set-up is simple

It's not just that it's easy to set up the wireless connection on the Beam, though that's certainly painless. But once you've set it up you can connect it to your TV with just one cable. And that's it, you're done. It automatically pairs with your television's existing remote control. So, no more of that annoying not knowing which remote to use, you can pick up the TV remote or use the one in the Sonos app.

5. It's exceptionally easy to attach to the wall

Yep, thanks to a series of brilliant stands and mounts from Flexson. There's a comprehensive range of premium-quality accessories, including a stand for your TV and the Beam. Or a wall mount for the Beam that lets you place it perfectly under a wall-mounted television. It can also be adjusted to that you can hang it under the kitchen cupboard, say. And there are two mounts which will hold both the speaker and the TV on the wall, cantilevered so you can adjust the angle right or left. One fits a smaller TV and the Beam, the other can handle a larger TV and the Beam or the Sonos Playbar. The Flexson mounts have high-grade construction, are precision-made to fit Sonos perfectly and come in black or white finishes to match the colour you chose for your Sonos Beam.