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(Pocket-lint) - Sonos speakers look and sound great. They are easy to set up and use. But you can still make them even better, thanks to Flexson, which makes stands and mounts which let you place the speakers in the perfect locations.

For instance, if you have the Sonos Play:5 speaker, there's a dedicated wall mount which holds it securely in landscape orientation, with enough flexibility to swivel it left or right (30 degrees each way) and tilted down through as much as 20 degrees.

Like the speaker, the wall mount comes in a choice of black and white finishes. It's called the Flexson Wall Mount for Sonos Play:5 Horizontal Version, which will tell you that there's also a version for vertical orientation, too, if that suits your room better.

But you don't only have to mount things on the wall. The Flexson Desk Stand for Sonos Play:1 is a small stand that means you can angle the sound perfectly - it tips the speaker very slightly back so the sound is gently lifted. It helps as well because the stand minimises vibration, ensuring the speaker sounds its best. It also comes in black and white finishes to match the Play:1, each with an attractive chrome inlay. As with every Flexson accessory, it fits the Sonos perfectly.

FlexsonFlexson builds premium accessories for Sonos we explored the range image 2

Flexson also makes accessories for your larger Sonos equipment, such as the Playbar. The Flexson TV Stand for Sonos Playbar supports your TV (it can weigh as much as 50kg and lets the Playbar slide in just under the screen. It effectively turns the soundbar into a soundbase - ideal if you don't want to mount either gadget on the wall. It's a slick set-up that's coloured black to match the Playbar. It holds the TV securely and ensures there's no vibration between screen and speaker.

The latest Sonos speaker is a smaller soundbar, called the Sonos Beam. There's a range of Flexson for this new, compact device, including an adjustable TV stand, a wall mount and even a Cantilever Mount for TV and Sonos Beam. This is designed to hold a flatscreen TV measuring up to 43in, weighing up to 20kg. Once you've attached it to the wall, the screen and soundbar move together, side to side up to 180 degrees and downward by 20 degrees. Because it's cantilevered, it can swing out as well, with a maximum extension of 400mm. If your TV is bigger or heavier, Flexson also has a bigger mount for screens between 40in and 65in. What's more, that also holds either the Beam or the Playbar in place, too.

Finally, it's not just mounts and stands that Flexson makes. Although Sonos speakers are wireless, which gives you great flexibility in terms of where you place them, you're still tied to one piece of flex: the power cable. Flexson has overcome this issue, too. It makes extension cables in 1-metre and 3-metre lengths to add to the 1.9-metre cable supplied with your Sonos Play:3, Play:5, Playbar and Sub. The extension comes in black or white, to match the Sonos cable. And there are also extension cables with right-angle connectors to perfectly fit the Play:1 and Sonos One speakers.

Problem solved.