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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has announced the POWERbot VR7000, the latest model to join its series of robot vacuum cleaners, will be officially unveiled at CES 2017.

Samsung says consumers in North America, perhaps unsurprisingly, want a robot vacuum to reach the hard to reach areas and they don't want to have to go around with a manual vacuum themselves to pick up the areas it's missed.

To help alleviate these problems, Samsung has given the VR7000 20 watts of sucking power and a Clean Master feature which lets the vacuum get within 0.5in of a wall thanks to an 11in wide brush. To make sure no spot of dust is safe from the sucking power, an Auto Shutter feature drops a barrier down to sweep up any remaining bits.

The VR7000 has a pretty clever brain inside it too, so it can scan the room it's in and map an ideal route. It can recognise various contours of your room in case you don't have straight walls and it's also said to be able to move itself to particularly dirty areas in the room and clean them.

If the Samsung VR7000 happens to move over different surface types during its clean, such as carpet or hardwood flooring, it can adjust the power of the suction accordingly. Of course, being in the age of the Internet of Things, you can control the vacuum using your smartphone, either to turn it on or schedule cleaning times. And if you happen to have an Amazon Echo in your home, you can bark commands at Alexa to get it to clean as well.

Writing by Max Langridge.