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(Pocket-lint) - What's the thing clearly missing from your fridge? And no, it's not a pint of milk. It's Wi-Fi. And cameras. And a touchscreen.

Which is exactly what the catchily-named Samsung F-Hub RB38J7755B1 - which is the single-stack UK slant on the double-stack US-style Family Hub fridge launched at CES - brings to the party. Sounds bonkers? It kind of is, yet it's rather cool too (no excuses for that pun).

On the front of this Chef Collection fridge is a giant 21.5-inch full colour touchscreen panel, designed, in many senses, to look like a giant Android phone screen - it's even got similar style (albeit enlarged) soft keys running along the bottom. It's responsive to the touch, much like a smartphone in that sense, ensuring ease of operation.

But why would you want a touchscreen on the fridge? Well, in this guise it can be used to display the time, weather, even a shopping list or hand-drawn screen (although it's one-point touch, not 10-point) thanks to its Wi-Fi integration. There's internet browsing, TV mirroring to watch shows, or you can even listen to music via Spotify or Tune-In.

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Perhaps best of all is the camera integration though. A trio of cameras inside the fridge captures the contents inside. You can mark items with notes on the day they were bought to ensure freshness and this image is accessible via the app. Want to check you've got some fresh milk left? Pop your phone out and take a look.

The 380-litre Family Hub fridge (which measures 595 x 1927 x 650mm if you're thinking of snapping one up) might not have a catchy name, but it's certainly got a catchy (and whacky) selling point. However, this design mock-up has no final word on release date or price.

Writing by Mike Lowe.