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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has announced a sleep monitor that you don't need to wear on a wrist through the night. Instead, the Samsung SleepSense sits underneath your mattress and links to a smartphone application in order to give you accurate statistics on your sleep patterns.

Unveiled during the company's IFA keynote, along with its next-generation SmartThings smarthome platform, the device resembles a table tennis bat. But once it is installed, it can be forgotten about as it is out of view.

Samsung claims that the data gleaned throughout each night is up to 97 per cent accurate, so changes in sleep habits to ensure a more restful period can be judged more easily. Its contactless sensor can analyse heart and respiratory rates so provides in-depth data that is not just based on motion.

The SleepSense smartphone app will offer a personalised sleep briefing each morning, with a sleep score mapped against the average data for your age. This is calculated from total sleep time, sleep efficiency, the time it took to fall asleep, the number of times you woke up, the number of times you got out of bed, percentage of time in deep sleep and percentage of time in REM. Michael Stipe would score highly on the latter.

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The monitor can also be connected to other smart devices, such as air conditioning or Samsung SmartThings monitors and Power Outlet plugs. That way you can set them to come on or turn off when you are in a certain sleep pattern.

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It also features a Smart Alarm functionality, which will wake you up gradually after identifying the best time for you to wake up depending on your sleep state.

Price and release date are yet to be revealed.

Writing by Rik Henderson.