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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has announced the Powerbot VR900 robot vacuum cleaner that it claims conquers the limitations of others that have gone before it.

The Powerbot VR900 comes with Samsung's Digital Inverter Technology for more powerful suction, an enlarged drum brush to cover a wider area without side brushes and the company's CycloneForce technology to separate the dirt and debris from the air in the inner chamber.

The inclusion of the Digital Inverter Technology is claimed to offer 60 times greater suction power than conventional cleaners, while the CycloneForce technology has been included to help reduce the risk of clogged filters and the wider brush is a similar approach taken by Dyson.

Samsung has also introduced a new FullView Sensor to the Powerbot VR900 to help it recognise small or narrow obstacles, as well as minimise blind spots and a new feature called Point Cleaning has also been added.

Point Cleaning will allow you to control the Powerbot VR900 more efficiently by using the remote control to beam a light on a certain spot that needs cleaning. The robotic vacuum cleaner will then follow the beam and clean the area you are pointing at so you won't need to manually pick it up and put it in the right spot. LG's My Space feature on its Hom-Bot Square does a similar thing by allowing you to pre-define a cleaning area.

Perhaps one of the best claims the Powerbot VR900 comes with though, is the ability to overcome hurdles such as wires. There are enlarged wheels up to 105mm in diameter and a raised body up to 15mm to help it do this and if it succeeds, it would mean it does conquer at least one of the limitations of other robotic vacuum cleaners on the market as wires are something that many struggle with.

Samsung hasn't detailed UK pricing and availability for the Powerbot VR900 yet, but it will be coming in an Airborne Copper colour and a Deep Blue.

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Writing by Britta O'Boyle.