If choosing a fridge is a problem, don't fret. Samsung's new RF24 Sparkling Four-Door Refrigerator has a SodaStream built in. What more could you ask for?

Unlike other fridges that come with mere water dispensers this beast is capable of pumping out cold, filtered sparkling water thanks to the official SodaStream technology built into the door. Since it's easily accessible that should make changing out the standard SodaStream 60L CO2 cylinder easy.

The RF42 offers an impressive 495 litres worth of storage accessible through the wide opening double doors. It also features Sammy's Smart Divider to adjust drawer size. The FlexZone Drawer has four temperature sections for different food and drinks with -1 degree centigrade, 1 degree, 3 degrees and 5 degree areas.

The Samsung RF24 is available now. Samsung hasn't named a price and it isn't live on retailer sites yet so we're expecting it to be similar to the older RF24 at around £2,000. We will update when Samsung comes back to us.

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