Samsung’s latest robotic vacuum cleaner is now available, ensuring the hoovering remains as easy as pressing a button. 

The Samsung NaviBot S is disc-like in shape and uses the manufacturer’s Visionary Mapping Plus system to learn the logistics of a room. Utilising 12 obstacle sensors, the Samsung NaviBot S has a built-in embedded digital camera that can capture images at 15 frames per second.

samsung navibot s the robotic vacuum cleaner image 3

Once the vacuum cleaner has learnt its surroundings, the Samsung NaviBot S will empty any waste it picks up by returning to its charging pod and emptying it into the two-litre dustbin. The same process will occur when the Samsung NaviBot S needs recharging. 

After emptying the waste or recharging itself, the Samsung NaviBot S will then navigate its way back to the point in which it retreated to continue with the job in hand. An Auto Dust Sensor helps the Samsung NaviBot S determine the dirtiest parts of a room and the vacuum also comes with an Infrared remote control. 

The Samsung NaviBot S is available now for around £550.