Samsung has unveiled an unusual portable hob for the kitchen that looks more like something from a Stanley Kubrick set, than the company's normal hi-tech approach to design. 

The portable kitchen hob, called the O table, is available in multiple colours and has already grabbed an IF design award for its looks. Normally a kitchen appliance doesn't have us particularly excited at Pocket-lint, but we are suckers for any good-looking gadgetry. 

samsung o table is for the kitchen of the future image 3

The device is controlled using what Samsung calls a "groove touch pad" which you can draw a circle on to control the thermal output of the hob. Clever pan detection technology and boil pover preventative gadgets are all commonplace in this formidable portable cooker.

For those interested, the O table is available in Capri Blue, Ruby Red, Mint Green, Stylish Black and Cream White. No price or release date yet, but check back at Pocket-lint very soon for more information. 

samsung o table is for the kitchen of the future image 2

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