When the first Radarange microwave oven launched in 1947 a new day dawned in respect to home cuisine. Soon there would be no need to sweat over a hot stove, with a simple touch of a button the whole family could be provided with nutritious home-cooked fare.

Samsung has now taken the microwave to a whole new level with the announcement of the "groundbreaking OmniPro Microwave oven".

The new device features a new weight sensor, which apparently is "being trialled for the first time within the OmniPro" (something we think Samsung should have done prior to launch) enabling the oven to plan and monitor the entire cooking process for its owner.

With 35 cooking options the company says: "whether you like your steak rare or well done, your vegetables soft or 'al dente', the OmniPro allows you to select the appropriate programme then, when you place the food inside, the OmniPro weighs the food and suggests the ideal cooking time".

Although the idea of microwaving your steak, to most right minded people, could be deemed an abomination, the Omnipro does look pretty impressive as it also features a 2050W convection oven, a 1500W grill as well as the 900W microwave.

Complete with a steam clean feature the microwave will be available in white, silver, black and stainless steel. No word on pricing or release as yet, but we'll be sure to let you know when we get word.