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(Pocket-lint) - Mother's Day is right around the corner, and if there's one thing we know that mums around the world could stand to benefit from (alongside all types of parents), it's a bit more free time.

Whether your parent is older and you've left home, or they're still dealing with kids under their roof - or if you're a spouse looking to make things easier, a robot vacuum could be a brilliant way to free up some time for them regularly. One of the best around is the amazing Roborock S7 - find out why it could be a perfect gift, right here. 

1. Take a load off

The core idea behind gifting a robot vacuum is, of course, to let someone special get some of their day back by making one of life's most common chores automated. The Roborock S7 can take care of household vacuuming without anyone needing to worry about it.

It'll map your home automatically as it moves around, so you don't have to set it up room by room, and the cleaning you'll get is of the very highest quality - after all, the S7 has industry-leading levels of suction to call upon.

2. Schedule it in

Getting a Roborock S7 will mean that the mum in your life can kick back and set up a cleaning schedule that she doesn't have to worry about every again. 

It's incredibly easy to schedule cleaning patterns for the vacuum from the companion app, and you can have these be as complicated or as simple as you like. Many users like to have the vacuum do a quiet, low-power clean during the night, to make sure they're not woken as they sleep, reserving daytime hours for the more powerful cleaning that might be needed, for example. 

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3. Don't worry about obstacles

Plus, using state of the art LIDAR and scanning technology, the Roborock S7 doesn't need a room to be immaculately tidy before it can clean it - the obstacle avoidance that it has onboard is extremely impressive.

This means that your mum doesn't even have to clear the floor so that it can move around. It'll intelligently and automatically work out a route that's clear of obstacles, and clean every bit of floor that it can reach. 

4. Mopping and vacuuming

Another key part of why the Roborock S7 is so useful is that it's not just a robot vacuum - there's also a hugely sophisticated mopping system built into it. With a separate water tank and a mop that can raise and lower automatically, you can leave it to clean both hard floors and carpets in one session without needing to modify anything.

This is something that few competitors can match, and with a new sonic mopping system that's been upgraded from previous iterations, you'll see gleaming floors where even caked-on grime was before. 

5. Voice activated

Finally, the Roborock S7 is also jam-packed with smart features that make it a great addition to any smart home, not just an independent gadget. If you use the Google Assistant or Alexa to control your home with your voice, you'll be able to easily add the vacuum to your routines.

This means that whoever you give it to can kick back and relax, and get cleaning done just by issuing a voice command, something that'll really make them feel like they're living in the future. If these sound like a good selection of reasons to gift the Roborock S7 this mother's day, you can find out even more about it and order one on Amazon.com.