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(Pocket-lint) - Robot vacuums are becoming more and more commonly used the world over, with countless people deciding to pick one up each year. It's a brilliant way to save yourself some time and effort.

If you have a sizeable floorplan and find yourself loath to vacuum it regularly, in fact, it could be the perfect addition to your home - and Roborock makes some of the very best robot vacuums out there. Just what makes its vacuums so good, though? Read on to find out.

RoborockOnce you invest in a robot vacuum for your family, you will never go back – Here’s why! photo 7

1. Take a load off

The core to the robot vacuum proposotion might be a bit obvious, but we really do think it's worth reiterating - you don't have to do it yourself! Getting a robot vacuum means waving goodbye to the weekly vacuuming rounds, and gives you a nice chunk of time back to use as you wish.

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For us, that's been a massive change that's seen us start to enjoy our home life without worrying about having to clean up as much. It's freeing and relaxing, and that's almost priceless at times. Plus, in Roborock's case all of its vacuums have super convenient scheduling features to let you get the cleaning done whenever it suits.

That means that if you want low-volume cleaning to happen while you're sleeping, or full-blast vacuuming to happen while you're at work, you're just a few taps away from making that reality. 

RoborockOnce you invest in a robot vacuum for your family, you will never go back – Here’s why! photo 9

2. Brilliant smart options

Those controls are far from limited to just timings on cleaning, though - all of Roborock's vacuums are super smart and have a wealth of other genius features. For example, loads of them work with Amazon's Alexa smart assistant, to let you order your vacuum about with just your voice, which anyone in the smart home world will know is crazy convenient. 

Being tied into an ecosystem like Alexa means that you can set up all sorts of relationships, like notifications when cleaning is starting, or triggering cleaning after certain other actions take place around your smart home, and it all makes for countless options for you. 

If you'd prefer to keep things simple, that's entirely your choice, but it's great to have the possibilities!

RoborockOnce you invest in a robot vacuum for your family, you will never go back – Here’s why! photo 8

3. Superb cleaning

Of course, a robot vacuum is only a worthwhile investment if it actually cleans well, and that's another area where Roborock is striking out ahead of much of the competition. 

Taking its newest vacuum as the best example, the Roborock S7 will amaze you with how effective and convenient it is. For one thing, it's not just a vacuum - its Sonic Mopping tech can tackle even grimy stains and give your floors a proper scrubbing, while its Intelligent Mop Lift feature lets it raise the mop out of the way when it goes over carpets, letting you leave it completely to its own devices. When it hits a carpet, in fact, it'll also adjust its suction rate to make sure it vacuums as effectively as possible. That's on top of the fact that, like all of Roborock's vacuums, it has massive suction to ensure that even big bits of dirt and detritus are picked up as it runs around your home. 

The S7 is the latest and greatest from Roborock, and is available on Amazon from March 24 - and for the first week that it's on sale you'll be able to get it at a brilliant $50 discount, so be sure to act fast! There are plenty more Roborock models you can look into, and every one of them could be a brilliant investment for your home, freeing you up, ushering you into the new smart home era and making chores a thing of the past. Check out the full range on Roborock's website