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(Pocket-lint) - Robot vacuums have come a long way over the last decade or so, becoming brilliant parts of countless households around the world where the chore of vacuuming manually is a distant memory. 

Roborock has done as much any company to drive the sector forward, too - since its hardware debut it's become one of our favourite robot vacuum makers for good reason.

Now it's taking another leap forward with the launch of the S7, its latest flagship. Find out what makes this device so brilliant, right here.

Brand new sonic cleaning

Perhaps the biggest addition to the Roborock S7 is its new sonic mopping system - a sea-change for how mopping works on a robot vacuum. This ingenious system vibrates the mop as it cleans to ensure that it can power through even encrusted grime to leave clean floors behind it.

Then, Roborock has also solved a long-standing issue by letting the S7 vacuum and mop all in one clean - it can automatically raise its mop off the floor when it's on a carpet, letting it treat both surfaces with the care they need. That all adds up to some of the most sophisticated mopping you'll find on the market. 

RoborockThe Roborock S7 robot vacuum – we have just entered a new era of automated cleaning, and it’s amazing photo 2

Incredible suction

Of course, mopping is well and good but vacuum suction is absolutely key to the success of any device in this space, so it's no surprise to learn that the S7 excels on that front, too. 

Its 2500Pa suction has the justifiable label Hyperforce and ensures that it leaves nothing behind as it makes its way around your home, with strong enough power to pick up even chunky detritus. The vacuum also has an all-new rubber brush as part of its mechanism, making for better pickup and ensuring that it lasts longer for you, too. 

RoborockThe Roborock S7 robot vacuum – we have just entered a new era of automated cleaning, and it’s amazing photo 3

Industry-leading intelligence

What ties the package together beautifully for Roborock (as owners of its previous vacuums can testify) is the array of smart features that are squeezed in. The S7 is no different - its scanners are some of the best in the business.

The vacuum can independently and automatically map out your home as it cleans, learning the best routes to travel in for maximum efficiency, avoiding obstacles along the way. Plus, if you want to take a more active hand you can of course set no-go zones for it to avoid, schedule its cleaning to happen at the most useful times of day, and more.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned carpet detection will ensure that whatever surface the S7 is moving over gets the appropriate level of suction, to make sure that they're all left as clean as possible. 

If that sounds like a combination of factors that could make your life easier around your home, between the quality of cleaning and the automation, you'll be able to pick up a Roborock S7 very soon, to join the robot vacuum revolution.