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(Pocket-lint) - Robot vacuums can be a life-changer - it's as simple as that, for us. The days of bumbling, weedy vacuums that can't do much good are long, long gone, and modern robot vacs are powerful and super helpful.

Roborock is right at the top of the game for these smart devices, and has put out a handful of vacuums in the last couple of years each of which has pushed the sector forward, innovating and bringing new features to the table. One of its most impressive, and most popular devices is the Roborock S5 Max, and it's enjoying a major discount at Walmart this week, taking $50 off its price.

If you've been thinking about taking the plunge on a robot vacuum we'd say this is a perfect opportunity - read on to find out what makes the S5 Max so brilliant. 

RoborockWalmart Robot vacuum sale – Get 50 off Roborock S5 Max with mop image 2

Major suction

As we said up top, for a long time robot vacuums had a reputation for not really being able to match the suction power you could get from a traditional upright vacuum. That's an idea you can basically leave behind now, seeing how powerful the S5 Max is in use. 

It's so strong that it can suck up items even as big and heavy as an AA battery, meaning that it's unlikely to encounter any issues as it moves around your home cleaning up dust and detritus. It'll leave shining floors and bright, clean carpets in its wake. 

Sophisticated mapping

How will it know where to go, though? Another aspect of the Roborock S5 Max which is sure to impress comes in the form of its sophisticated array of sensors, which it uses super smartly. 

These help the vacuum to automatically create a virtual map of your home, including its contours and any areas that it can't access. Then, over time, the S5 Max will adjust its route to make sure that it always cleans in the most efficient and effective pattern possible. You can leave it to its own devices with confidence, and if you want to exert more control that's fine too.

No-go zones and scheduling are both really easy to set up in the Roborock app, letting you determine how and when it cleans. Plus, it's smart enough that some things are always automatic, like its ability to detect when it moves between hard flooring and carpet, to adjust the suction rate accordingly. 

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Mopping up the competition

When it comes to hard flooring, though, vacuuming will only do so much, as many of us know all too well. Even if you're hoovering up dust twice a week, you'll still notice grime slowly accumulating on your floor. 

That's why Roborock equipping the S5 Max with a mopping feature is so massively useful around the house - it means that the robot vacuum can really take care of the floor entirely on its own. Just fill up its tank with water and sit back as it cleans, leaving behind gleaming surfaces. It's got a big enough tank that it can mop up to 2,000 square feet of floor before it needs a refill, and we'd imagine that's more than enough for most homes. 

A clever spring-loaded mop makes sure that its cleaning is even and consistent, and just like while vacuuming you can really easily tell the S5 Max where to mop and where not to. 

RoborockWalmart Robot vacuum sale – Get 50 off Roborock S5 Max with mop image 4

Smart features

That ease of control goes a step further when you realise that Roborock has somehow managed to fit in compatibility with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, which makes it trivial to start a clean with your voice. Trust us, once you do that, there's no going back, in terms of the empowerment you feel at not having to do the chore yourself. 

We think that's a massively comprehensive package of features, and frankly the Roborock S5 Max is a great bit of value even when it's full price, which is what makes this $50 discount at Walmart such a great deal - be sure to jump on it if you think you could do with a little hands-free help around the home. It runs from now until July 6, so don't wait too long.