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(Pocket-lint) - Roborock's work in the robot vacuum market is well-known and pretty close to unparalleled over the last few years, but it's recently taken a step in a new direction, creating its first cordless handheld vacuum, the Roborock H6.

True to form, it's a superb vacuum, demonstrating that Roborock's expertise in one form of vacuum is very much transferable across to the more traditional world of handheld models, and the H6 has been greeted with rave reviews. In fact, to celebrate its launch, Roborock is running an amazing double-edged campaign for the H6. 

It's given us two vacuums to give away to a Pocket-lint reader, completely free - plus, it has also discounted the H6 by $50 for all buyers for the next week. To find out how to enter the giveaway, simply read to the end of this piece, where we'll explain it all. First, though, we want to run down some of the features that make the Roborock H6 so desirable. 

RoborockRoborock are giving away one fantastic H6 cordless vacuum and offering 50 off on any purchases image 4

1. Impressive battery

The H6 is, as we've mentioned, a cordless handheld vacuum, which means that it brings a few priorities that robot vacs don't have to prioritise as much. The first, for us, is battery life. If you're cleaning your home, the last thing you want is to have to stop and charge your vac all the time.

That's why the H6 packs in a huge Lithium Polymer battery, which is also a first for the industry, to give you up to 90 minutes of cleaning on each charge, a huge time window. Plus, putting the H6 on its highest power setting still lets you crunch out 10 minutes of powerful cleaning, which is a far longer period than most competitors can manage. 

2. Extreme power

Battery life is great, then, but you'd hope it comes paired with some super power - and the H6 delivers on that front, too. It brings 150AW of suction, a measure that has it up at the top of the market on specs. 

Even better, though, that suction is managed to ensure that it'll stay the same over countless uses, without wearing out or dying down over time. Filtering systems also mean that particles are kept flowing through the vacuum without clogging, another technique to keep it powerful as you use it. 

That's paired with a noise dampening chamber with rear filter, specifically designed to make sure that the H6 is never too loud, another key quality of life improvement that you'll notice as you clean with it. 

RoborockRoborock are giving away one fantastic H6 cordless vacuum and offering 50 off on any purchases image 2

3. Anti-allergen filtration

Filters are key components in good vacuums, as anyone with allergies or hay fever will know all too well - using a cheap vacuum and then sneezing for the rest of the day is a common curse, as dust is circulated around your home. 

That's why the H6 has a separate, five-layer filtration system with multiple cyclones and HEPA filters on both the front and rear, all of which work together to make sure that 99.97% of particles are captured during vacuuming. In short, you won't have to worry about stirring up your allergies any more. 

4. Super lightweight build

Equally important, when you're using a handheld vacuum, is that it doesn't weigh a ton and become a huge chore to lug around. The Roborock H6 weighs in at 1.4Kg, meaning it's super light for a vacuum of its type, and really easy to use. 

Plus, it comes with a whole range of add-ons and accessories to make it even easier, from a floor brush for hard flooring, carpet brush for your rugs, or even a mini-brush that's great for upholstery. 

That's far from all, though, with a dusting brush for surfaces and a crevice tool for those hard-to-reach places, plus a flex tube, rounding out the line-up. That means you're certain to find a tool suitable for whatever cleaning job you've got planned. 

RoborockRoborock are giving away one fantastic H6 cordless vacuum and offering 50 off on any purchases image 3

5. Incredible features

The H6 is really completed by a whole set of little extras that you notice as you use it, to make your life easier. Things like being able to lock the vacuum to "on" to save your thumb's strength, or how its battery uses its own motor's movement to extend its life even further. 

The ease of removing its dustbin is exemplary, as is the way it can detect that you've moved from hardwood to carpeted floor and adjust its suction accordingly. All of it is controlled and communicated through the handy little OLED screen too, which is brilliant for keeping on top of what you're doing. 

It's a brilliant system that we're sure we'll be using for ages to come, and as we mentioned up top, Roborock is extending the chance to enjoy that same privilege by offering a free H6 to two lucky readers. To enter the giveaway, simply head over to our Facebook page, comment and like the story to be in with a chance of getting a free Roborock H6. The giveaway will be open until 11:59PM PDT, Sunday June 21 2020, open to residents in the US only.

If you don't want to leave things up to chance, you can buy the Roborock H6 right now on Amazon.com and take advantage of a great $50 discount, using the code RRH6FORPL. This offer is open until 11:59PM PDT, Sunday June 14 2020.