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(Pocket-lint) - Robot vacuums are one of those bits of technology that you don't necessarily know the value of until you try it - once you start letting a vacuum do the work for you, you'll never want to go back to the old ways. 

Roborock makes some of the very best models on the market and recently released its most advanced vacuum yet, the Roborock S6 MaxV. It adds amazing features that iterate on the already superb precedent of the S6 line. Plus, right now, the vacuum is discounted by $50 on Amazon, meaning that you can pick it up for its cheapest price ever. 

We've gathered together some of the key reasons why you'll want to pick up this vacuum right now - while this great discount is still available. 

RoborockThe Roborock S6 MaxV is one of the most advanced vacuums available - Heres XXX off image 4

1. Obstacle dodging that really works

It's a bit of a given that robot vacuum makers will claim their devices are superb at navigating around homes without bumping into things or having issues moving, but a lot of us know those aren't always true. 

In Roborock's case, navigation is one of its vacuums' strongest suits, though, and it's got even better with the S6 MaxV, which adds a pair of cameras to the front of the device that literally see what it's heading towards, rather than just relying on sensors of other types. It uses machine learning to even get better at this over time, ensuring that it'll have no problem driving around lost socks and forgotten cups or whatever else might be on your floor. 

The system is powered by a Qualcomm APQ8053 processor chip - which you'd normally expect to be running a complicated smartphone, underlining how sophisticated the device really is. 

2. Maxed-out stronger suction

When Roborock looked at how to upgrade the S6, one of the obvious areas, as with any vacuum, was suction - it's at the core of a cleaner's power. It's no surprise, then, that the S6 MaxV has Roborock's most powerful ever fan at its heart, bringing 2500Pa³ of suction, which is 25% more power than the standard S6 manages. 

Given that the original S6 pretty much blew us away with how powerful it was for a robot vacuum, that means the S6 MaxV is a powerhouse that most people will be more than satisfied by.

RoborockThe Roborock S6 MaxV is one of the most advanced vacuums available - Heres XXX off image 5

3. All-new electric mopping

The thing about how robot vacuums clean, though, is that the best have more than just standard vacuuming to bring to the table. In fact, some, like the S6 MaxV, actually have mopping functions too, letting them power through grime that might be caked onto a hard surface. 

The S6 MaxV gets some key upgrades in this area, too, not least with a bigger water tank at 297ml to make sure that it can run for longer than ever before. It's also all the more efficient, because of a new pump that's ultra-precise, dolling out water in the exact amounts needed and with totally consistent pressure of up to 300g worth of force. 

The system can even turn itself off automatically when it docks, meaning you don't have to step in to make sure it's empty. That's massively convenient and makes the S6 MaxV a really powerful cleaning tool. 

4. Enormous battery

It's all well and good packing in the most powerful motor ever from Roborock, and new mopping and obstacle dodging, but it's also key that the S6 MaxV can actually run for more than about five minutes with these functions working - that's why Roborock's also crammed in a titanic 5200mAh battery, which is much bigger than many competitors' products.

It means that you can get up to 180 minutes of cleaning from the vacuum in one go, and even the end of that battery life doesn't make for any problems. When it gets low on juice, the S6 MaxV can simply take itself back to dock and charge up, before heading out to finish its job without any instruction needed from you. That's a truly smart bit of automation. 

RoborockThe Roborock S6 MaxV is one of the most advanced vacuums available - Heres XXX off image 3

5. Multi-level mapping

Returning to navigation, though, Roborock's made another key innovation for the S6 MaxV, freeing it from an issue that plagues other robot vacuums - only being able to clean one storey in your home. This is fine if you live in an apartment, but if your home has multiple levels, it can be a drag.

Now, though, the S6 MaxV is changing things. It has multi-level mapping as part of its default setup, letting you store up to 4 different floors in its memory to clean. It can map them all individually and save the best way to clean each, and best of all it'll recognise which floor its on automatically once you put it down to work. 

That's an addition that's symptomatic of the amazing work Roborock's dong with the S6 MaxV, upgrading it to the point where it's one of the very best robot vacuums available anywhere. Plus, as we mentioned up top, it's discounted heavily right now, taking a whole $50 off the price for a limited time, so if you think you could do with some help around the home, don't hesitate! Pick it up now.