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(Pocket-lint) - Roborock might be undisputed experts when it comes to robot vacuums, but it turns out that making superb robot cleaners is actually quite a useful skillset when it come to normal vacuums, as well. 

It's just released the superlative Roborock H6, a cordless handheld vacuum that's right up there with the very best in the industry, whether you're looking at suction and battery life or its design. Right now, too, you can pick up the vacuum for $50 off its full price as an early bird special - but we know you probably wouldn't do it blind, so we've gathered together some of the very best features that the H6 has to offer, to explain why this is such a great deal. 

RoborockYou can pick up Roborocks fantastic H6 cordless vacuum for 50 right now - heres how image 2

1. It's all about suction

We've said it before, and we'll say it again - when it comes to vacuum cleaners, the buck stops with suction. You can have all the fancy features in the world, and the prettiest design on the market (more on both of those later), but if your vacuum has puny power then you've got no chance. 

Needless to say, the Roborock H6 is packing plenty. It has 150AW of suction power to call on, which puts it right in the top bracket of performers in the cordless vacuum market, and pairs it with smart modes to make sure that you can still rely on that amount of power after loads of use. It's got a lossless system to make sure that the power output is the same whether you're using it for the first or umpteenth time. 

Plus, airflow and filtration systems ensure that particles don't clog up its systems (or poof out into the air around you), which is great not just for the H6's maintenance but also for your home's air quality. It's even got specifically-designed airflow systems, with a noise-dampening chamber and rear filter all put in place to make sure that the vacuum isn't loud, something that you'll get more and more grateful for as you use it. 

RoborockYou can pick up Roborocks fantastic H6 cordless vacuum for 50 right now - heres how image 6

2. Superb battery

Of course, when you're taking that high suction power and putting it to use you're going to want to be able to rely on the vacuum not running out just as you get started - some of the most expensive models can have surprisingly, bafflingly short battery lives. 

Well, the H6 is a welcome exception. It's the first handheld vacuum ever to feature a Lithium Polymer battery, and Roborock's used that innovation to fuel up to 90 minutes of use, all from one charge. That's more than enough time to clean many homes, but if you have a particular spot that you know is dirty as heck, you can whack it up to its maximum power mode for 10 minutes of extremely deep cleaning. With the H6, you get the choice. 

RoborockYou can pick up Roborocks fantastic H6 cordless vacuum for 50 right now - heres how image 5

3. Easy to carry, easy to use

Handheld vacuums are great in theory, but if they're not carefully designed they can be a bit of a nuisance, especially if they're even a little over-heavy. No such worries with the H6, which is light as can be, while also packing some lovely ergonomic design that will make it a pleasure to use around the home. 

In total it only weighs a paltry 1.4Kg, and its handle is nicely moulded to be easy to hold. Meanwhile, a host of accessory parts also make the H6 ideal for cleaning all manner of messes and dirt. Whether that's a floor brush that's perfect for hard flooring, or a carpet brush that's optimised for bristle-cleaning, or a motorized mini-brush that'll make short work of pet hair, you've got a real range of options to make sure that you're never left short-handed in the cleaning stakes. 

RoborockYou can pick up Roborocks fantastic H6 cordless vacuum for 50 right now - heres how image 7

4. Amazing extras

When you buy a vacuum, it can be the little things that sometimes slip the net, but actually make all the difference, and it's nice that Roborock's paid attention to these, making sure that you get some bonuses in the package.

That accounts for things like the filtration system that the H6 packs in, which is comprised of five layers. It's got multiple cyclones, plus front and rear HEPA filters that work together to capture 99.97% of particles while you clean - so if you've got some allergies in your home you've got nothing to worry about. 

Similarly, you might not be looking for a vacuum that cleverly harvests energy back from its motor to keep the battery charged at maximum efficiency, but that's just what the H6 does. Or, indeed, for a vacuum that can automatically detect when you move from a carpet to hard flooring, and adjust the suction rate accordingly without any input. 

In effect, there are countless touches and design choices that make the H6 such an impressive entry into cordless vacuums from Roborock, so we can't recommend it enough. It's available on Amazon as of today, and for those who take the plunge quickly, there's a superb early-bird special deal on right now. It's $50 off until May 22, giving you a short window in which to get this superb vacuum at an even more superb price.