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(Pocket-lint) - The robot vacuum market is literally constantly in a state of flux - as new features get added and announced, and more expensive models push the boundaries of what a home robot can accomplish.

No-one knows this better than Roborock, which has positioned its range of vacuums right on the bleeding edge of innovation in the sector, but the company also recognises that, for many people, value is equally as important as innovation.

That's why it's launching its latest robot vacuum, the Roborock E4, at an extraordinarily competitive price point, making sure that those who want a more affordable option that still has incredible cleaning power can jump into the Roborock product family. In fact, to celebrate the vacuum's launch Roborock is even offering a steep introductory discount on the E4 - you can pick it up right now for just $243, down from its full price of $299. 

Still, though, you might want to know a bit more about it before you commit: fair enough! Here are some of the things that make the new Roborock E4 so special. 

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1. Improved performance

Roborock's line of value-first vacuums has already had some storming entries, in particular the E2 and E3, but there's always room for improvement, and that's seen some serious extra oomph added to the E4. It's got a maxed-out suction of 2000Pa, which is fully 11% more power, while operating speed has also been upped by 10%.

That means that not only will the vacuum clean more deeply, it'll do it more quickly, making for a significant upgrade. The optional mopping system has also been given a big boost, and is now 28% larger, which again translates to the E4 being able to clean bigger areas more quickly, whether you're mopping or vacuuming. 

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2. A giant leap in battery

There's nothing more annoying that getting a new smartphone that amps up the power and has a snazzy new display, but with an undersized battery that means these features can't last through the day. The same principle is true for cleaners, which is why Roborock has paired its power boosts with a huge new 5200mAh battery.

That's the same size as Roborock's newest, most premium robot vacuum, the S6 MaxV, and means that the E4 has a massive cleaning range of up to 200 square metres. In other words, it can be relied upon to get through even big homes without running out of juice. Of course, if it does get low on battery, it'll navigate back to its charging dock to top up, before heading out to finish the job, all without requiring your input. 

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3. Perfect for families and pets

That significant cleaning range makes the E4 a great fit for a family home with plenty of ground to cover, as well as for smaller homes, and it's also got a jumbo-sized 640ml dustbin to make sure you don't have to empty it all the time. Plus, the vacuum has a HEPA-Type filter that's easy to take out and wash, making it reusable - it'll block dander and pollen to make sure that the E4's cleaning doesn't leave any dust or particles in the air in its wake. 

If you've got pets in your home, that's also no issue - the vacuum's nice and quiet, so shouldn't alarm them, while it's also got smartly-designed anti-tangle systems for its brushes that mean animal hair won't gum up its works. 

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4. Automation first

Of course, most of the reason why you buy a robot vacuum is to lighten the load on your own shoulders, and that's still at the core of the E4's value. Through Roborock's app you can easily control all of its settings and routines, making sure that however and whenever you want it to clean, you're a few taps away from that reality. 

If you're an Amazon Alexa aficionado, you'll be able to start your clean with a voice command, too, making for even easier control. It's about ease of use, after all, making for a more relaxed life at home.

So, if that all sounds enticing, now's the time to act - there is an early-bird discount of $56 on the Roborock E4 on Amazon right here, so be sure to pick it up soon, before it returns to its standard price of $299!