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(Pocket-lint) - We're big fans of robot vacuums - until you've used one, you can't really appreciate just how much time they'll shave off your cleaning routine.

Roborock is on the foremost names in the sector at the moment, with a wide range of great vacuums and mops to choose from, and it's come up with an absolute doozy of a deal this Christmas. 

Its E3 Robot Vacuum is getting a full 23% discount, taking it down from a regular price of $350 to just $270 through Amazon. 

That's a serious chunk of change saved for what is a massively capable machine. The E3 is fully autonomous (unless you choose to program in more details), and will automatically plan the most effective routes around your home to clean it. It'll navigate around your home, building up a virtual floorplan, and clean the floors in the most efficient route for the space.

It can sweep and mop simultaneously, too, and will detect carpets as it moves around to ensure that it doesn't get stuck cleaning surfaces in the wrong way. The E3 will swap into higher-suction modes when it needs to, without any programming required. 

That pathfinding is a real boon, meaning that you don't have to do a laborious tidy-up before setting the vacuum off. Plus, its suction is powerful enough to make sure that it won't be stumped by whatever detritus it comes across. 

We're way past the days of robot vacuums bumping around and losing their way - 13 on-board sensors steer the E3 around, with self-charging by default.

You can just set the vacuum loose and stop worrying about dust or dirt, before it makes its way back to a charging dock when it needs to. It can also resume where it left off without any additional instructions, a sophisticated feature that many competing vacuums lack. With over 600ml of capacity in its dustbin, you also won't find yourself having to empty the E3 very often. 

If you want more fine-tuned control, the Mi Home app lets you set a cleaning schedule, direct the E3 to a particular spot to clean, or any number of other commands. Brilliantly, if you use Alexa in your smart home you can also use the voice assistant to direct the vacuum to begin cleaning. 

Using Xiaomi's Mi Home app also means that your smartphone is all you need to make the most of the E3. There's no fiddly remote to be misplaced or lost, and you can also use the app to control other compatible products in your smart home. 

As we mentioned above, you can pick up the E20 vacuum with a discount of $80 through Amazon this week, as part of Roborock's Christmas deals, which represents fantastic value for money at $270 - that's the cheapest price the vacuum's ever hit on Amazon.