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(Pocket-lint) - Let a robot vacuum cleaner do the work while you put your feet up, go out or do anything else you want to get on with.

But if you had worries about a robot, read on for five of the most commonly held concerns and just how one brand, Roborock, is overcoming them. Oh, and stick around until the end of the article for the chance to WIN one of two Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaners.

1. Design

Myth 1: Robot vacuums are ugly

There's a perception that robot vacuums don't look great. Well, actually, that's not a myth: many of them are not stylish-looking. Roborock places great emphasis on design and includes an attention to detail that's well thought out. The circular machines have a gently glossy finish that's attractive and eye-catching - and in a choice of colours, too. Hardware features for navigation are in just the right place for maximum efficiency, but Roborock ensures they look good, too. The recharging dock is also neat, even down to the way the power cable tucks away tidily, and the design stretches to how the machine works: just watch how smoothly the cleaner finds its way home and docks. Oh, and Roborock has won awards for its design.

2. Smart and Reliable

Myth 2: Robot vacuums are unreliable

Not all robot vacuums are equal. Some have extremely basic navigation skills, low reliability and poor cleaning methods, heading randomly and inefficiently around the room to vacuum. A high-quality vacuum cleaner like those from Roborock will demonstrate proper intelligence and advanced features. Some models have laser navigation which delivers highly precise cleaning around the room, accurate to as little as 2cm. Take the S4 for example, If features a laser navigation system that helps Roborock’s Robovac navigate confidently even if there is lack of light (camera-based robotic vacuum cleaners can struggle or lose accuracy in such situations), Roborock’s latest model also has a refreshed drivetrain that prioritises reverse power, allowing S4 to drive back away from obstacles that would trap other robots.

There's also advanced flexibility so you can choose to clean one room, many or your entire home. Up to 14 sensor types including an infra-red cliff sensor and a compass stop the cleaner from getting trapped and help keep your home décor pristine. And talking of smarts, some models even feature voice control so you can tell the Roborock what to do just by speaking to it.

3. Rugs and carpets

Myth 3: Robot vacuums can't manage rugs

Actually, it's true, many robot vacuums really can't cope with rugs or moving between rooms if there's any raised obstacle in a door frame, for instance. That's not a Roborock problem. The Roborock S6 has 2cm climbing ability, so it's easy for the cleaner to transition on to a rug smoothly or to mount the divider in a door frame so it can move seamlessly into the next room if you want it to. But it will never go where it shouldn't: you can set up precise no-go areas using virtual walls to keep a single vase or a whole room off-limits.

4. Cleaning ability

Myth 4: Robot vacuum cleaners don't really clean

It's certainly the case that some robots clean better than others. The Roborock S6 has suction strong enough to lift AA batteries but is 50 per cent quieter than its predecessor. And there's more to its cleaning smarts than that. A robot vacuum's side brushes are crucial - in many cases it means the edges of a room aren't cleaned properly. Roborock's side brushes are ingeniously designed to spin faster along wall edges to grab the dirt better but more slowly in the middle of the room so as not to cause dirt to fly around. Automatic recharging means you can leave the Roborock to work and know it will clean up well.

There's another Roborock speciality, too: a wet-cleaning option thanks to a mopping pad. This means it can vacuum and mop at the same time, releasing just the right amount of water to give floors the perfect shine.

5. Maintenance

Myth 5: Robot vacuum cleaners are hard to clean and maintain

All that time you're saving by letting the vacuum cleaner do its work without your help, well, you don't want to spend that time looking after the machine, do you? Charging is efficiently looked after by the Roborock, so that's not an issue, for a start. And emptying the dustbin compartment is slick and fast, so it only takes a few seconds to ensure your vacuum is cleaning at its full capability.


Robot vacuum cleaners may not be perfect - now, if only someone would invent one that could make you a nice cup of tea as well - but some are closer than others. Roborock's range offers strong design, impeccable cleaning, and real intelligence so that your life is that bit easier.

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