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(Pocket-lint) - Ring is planning to change its security settings after recent criticism of its privacy settings, not least from ourselves.

The smart doorbell and camera company recently launched a new Control Center within its apps intending to create a single place where Ring users could modify their security settings. 

However, the changes didn't go far enough after recent allegations that employees viewed customer videos, the Ring apps share a lot of data with other services like Facebook and Google and - not least -  reports that cameras could be hacked.

According to CBSNews, Ring will roll out a feature to opt-out of sharing most - but not all - of your data with other services. Ring's privacy small print does disclose to customers that the company does share some data. 

The issue of Ring apps sharing data first came to light at the start of the year after an investigation by the Electronic Frontier Foundation - a non-profit organisation defending rights in the digital world. 

The study found the Ring Android app was "packed with third-party trackers sending out a plethora of customers’ personally identifiable information".

We've asked Ring for an official comment on the news. If you haven't enabled two-factor authentication on your Ring app, there's never been a better time to do it. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham.