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(Pocket-lint) - Ring has had a rocky time of things of late, with reports of its smart security cameras being hacked and the revelation that it has offered device heat maps to police in certain areas, without user knowledge.

However, it is making steps to address recent issues with a new service launching soon that will help keep users' Ring accounts more secure.

Announced during CES 2020, the Ring Control Center will be a new area of the Ring mobile app that will add new features to adjust security and privacy functionality.

It will enable Ring owners to see and manage connected mobile, desktop and tablet devices, plus third-party services connected to their security cameras and video doorbells.

It will also give users the option to opt out of receiving video requests from the police in active areas.

"Ring enters 2020 with a robust lineup of security devices, and we will continue to focus on innovating new products while enhancing our customers’ experiences especially around privacy and user control. This is why we’re releasing a dedicated section of the Ring mobile app called Control Center where users can view and control their privacy and security settings," said Ring's founder, Jamie Siminoff.

Writing by Rik Henderson.